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Meet the Team

We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive dental care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.



Our Dental Hygienists

Our hygienists’ first priority is the health and comfort of our patients. They embody our practice’s philosophy to educate and empower our patients by highlighting the connection between oral and overall health.

Lorrie & Suzanne

Lorrie & Suzanne

Hard at work behind the scenes, Lorrie and Suzanne ensure everyday operations at the office are running smoothly. Lorrie handles staff and HR matters while also taking care of patient questions and concerns. Suzanne takes on building operations and also manages office equipment maintenance and upkeep. They ensure our dental teams can spend more time on you, the patient!

Anne & Suzanne

Anne & Suzanne

Anne and Suzanne work in our kids’ room and see all our young patients between infancy to 11 years of age. They constantly think of new and exciting ways to motivate their young patients while making the dental experience fun and educational. Our kid-friendly room is filled with educational materials, toys, bean bag chairs, and even a kids’ room pet, a beta fish named Norman.

Dr. Holmes' Team

Dr. Tom Holmes Team

Team: Angie, Sharon, and Kirsten

Dr. Holmes and his team work hard to create a relaxed and family-friendly environment. They have provided family dentistry to the Kingston community for the last 30 years. Together with you, they will guide you in meeting your dental expectations by focusing on your unique needs and concerns

Dr. Lansdown's Team

Dr. Gordon Lansdown's Team

Team: Sharon, Mary Ann, Barb

Dr. Lansdown and his team take a relaxed approach to dentistry while utilizing their extensive experience. Their goal is to ensure patients contribute to their oral healthcare in order to achieve a high level of wellness.

Dr. Cosman's Team

Dr. Nick Cosman’s Team

Team: Nikki, Danielle, Gayle & Sothea

Dr. Cosman and his team provide comprehensive and extensive dental treatment to our patients. With the understanding that each patient’s individual requirements are unique, Dr. Cosman offers many solutions to your dental needs.

Dr. Nesbitt's Team

Dr. Karen Nesbitt’s Team

Team: Rose, Sarah, and Sharon

Dr. Nesbitt and her team take a calm approach to dentistry. They emphasize thorough communication and encourage patients’ contribution to their own healthcare. They also have a special interest in dentistry for seniors.

Dr. Burgess' Team

Dr. Chuck Burgess’s Team

Team: Marie, Sharon, and Pam

With more than 42 years of experience, Dr. Burgess and his team take a straight-forward approach to our patients’ dental care. They focus on providing stress-free dentistry that results in long-term health and overall wellness.

Dr. Empringham's Team

Dr. Brett Empringham’s Team

Team: Nicole, Nikki, and Mary

Dr. Empringham and his team offer an empathetic, holistic approach to dental care. They keep a keen awareness of each patient’s unique health needs and offer solutions that result in healthier, happier lives.

Dr. McDonough's Team

Dr. Patrick McDonough’s Team

Team: Brandi, Tammy, Chrissy, and Kendal

Dr. McDonough and his team take a thorough and multi-solution approach to our patients’ dental needs. His experience working in emergency dentistry with medically compromised patients gave him a profound understanding of the balance between aesthetics and function.