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What Sets Us Apart

Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art building is located at 476 Cataraqui Woods Drive. We offer extended hours, with early-morning and evening appointments for your convenience. Everything has been designed with our patients in mind, and we know our space will make your visit to the dentist more comfortable, professional, and enjoyable.

Continuity of Care

One of the advantages of having multiple dentists under one roof is the ability to provide a full range of family dental care. Our doctors can liaise and collaborate to design the best treatment possible, often without having to refer you to another office for specialized treatments. This means you and your entire family can receive all the care you need from people you know and trust.

Our multi-doctor practice also allows for prompt emergency care appointments.


Centrally located in Kingston, our practice is fully wheelchair accessible and easily approached from virtually everywhere by car, bus, or foot — we are a common destination for Kingston Transit. There is always ample parking for patients who bring their own vehicle. For those who reside outside of the city, we are easily accessible via the 401, Highway 2, and Highway 38.

Continuing Education

It is required by many of the governing bodies of dental professionals that a minimum number of continuing education seminars and workshops be attended each year. It is equally a high priority for our entire dental team to attend these yearly seminars and workshops.

We take pride in the high level of professionalism and expertise that the members of our practice possess, not only in dentistry, but in the interpersonal, verbal, and communications skills demanded by the current industry’s competitive environment.

Kid-Friendly Care

At the Cataraqui Dental Centre, we believe that all children’s dental experiences should be positive ones. It is recommended that the first dental experience occur within six months of the first tooth’s appearance, or by the age of one.

At this initial appointment, we will discuss with parents the many contributing factors that could lead to increased decay rates or future orthodontic issues for their child. Once the youngster is three years of age, and ideally before any concerns are present, a regular dental routine should be established.

This process will enable a child to build a trusting rapport with our dental team in a comfortable, kid-friendly children's room. 

Our children’s room is filled with toys and dental educational materials specifically geared to children and their parents. All of the children in our practice get their picture taken and added to our Wall of Fame!